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      1. Focus on the R&D, manufacturing and application
        of vision inspection products

        Little chips light great fires; lead the future

        About Isvision

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        Push the measurement technology change and lead trend of instrument R & D

        Isvision focuses on the R&D, manufacture and application of vision inspection products applicable to advanced manufacture processes, including inline geometric dimension measurement system, visual guiding system, glue bead inspection system 3D blue light scanning system, gap & flush system, and defect detection system, which have been applied to automotive, aerospace, aviation, rail transit and ship.

        Adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship and contribute to “Iintelligent Manufacturing in China”

        ISV product series

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        Focus on the development, manufacture and application
        of visual inspection products in advanced manufacturing process

        Products applied in automobile manufacture

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        Little chips light great fires , lead the future

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